Question for graphic artist / wedschilde / whoever

Is there an algorithm or method for picking the correct contrasting color given a background RGB (or any color space really) value? Obviously black <-> white and vice versa, but what's the best contrast with #FF0000 for example?

My engineering brain thinks there must be an algorithm where any given color has a best contrasting on some opposite side of a color sphere.

No real immediate need, just curious & slightly annoyed at my current time-keeping app "Klok" which always uses white as the foreground text but needs a light color for background.

Monday morning

BabyNoise finishes watching Super Why and tells me she wants Toy Story 3 next (for the 100th time). The beginning of the movie is fairly intense (it's the Death by Monkeys part), so I usually have to reminder her, "It's OK, it's just a movie, don't worry."

So Toy Story 3 starts, and BabyNoise starts telling me, "It's OK daddy, it's movie, no scared. No be scared daddy."

She still got scared by the monkeys though. Poor kid.

BabyNoise & I take a trip to the grocery store

BN: "Nyoowwww!"
Me: "Are you a plane?"
BN: "No! Nyooowwww!"
Me: "A helicopter?"
BN: "No helicopter. Nyowwwww! I fast!"
Me: "Are you a car?"
BN: "Car! Nyooowwww! I car! I red!"
Me: "Are you Lightning McQueen?"
BN: "I light queen. I red car! I go fast! Go fast! Nyhowwwwww!"

Also, got in line behind THE .. SLOWEST .. WANNABE .. GUIDO .. EVER!! Having the checker go back to check the sale price for 3 separate items ($0.50 each!). Holy smokes.

BN: "Daddy! Stuck! Stuck!" (because our groceries aren't going on the belt)
Me: "Yes baby, we're waiting our turn."
BN: "No turn! Stuck! Stuck daddy! My turn! My turn!"
(this continues for 10 minutes)

Whoa oh oh oh ohhhh ohhh oh ohhh...

Mock Band was fun and all this weekend, but now I've got "Bad Romance" caught in my head all effing day. THANKS A LOT!!!

Related: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl4L4M8m4d0

Babynoise's fever spiked up to 104.5 Saturday night (fun fact -- temporal thermometers are unreliable over 103, so you have to use a rectal.) Thankfully our pediatrician had a Sunday walk-in clinic Sundays. Doc said he's seen a lot of it this week, it's "parainfluenza" and no the flu shot doesn't prevent it. Also she has walking pneumonia. Saturday and Sunday were MISERABLE. She was obviously achy and in pain, sore throat, just a mess. Millinoise of course took the opportunity to torture her all she could (poke! poke! poke the bear!). I got to stay up late nights to do the 1 am and 5 am doses of Tylenol / Motrin.

And then last night, suddenly, fever has broken and she's dancing around today. Yay!

Last night I was down on the floor keeping the kids separated -- if they play by themselves they get all upset, but when they're dogpiling me together it's great fun. Anyway, Millinoise decided she would try out her two new top teeth (that makes 4 total). She'd been giving baby kisses up till then, but then she got on my elbow and it was like a slow vice ....crruuuuuuunch. I said, "Ow ...OW ... OOWWW!!" and yanked what was left of my elbow back (nice baby-tooth-shaped dent in it btw).

Babynoise stops playing and says, "Daddy, you OK? You OK Daddy? You need Elmo Daddy? Make all better?"

*Elmo is our frozen ice pack for owies. Whenever Babynoise gets a bump we put Elmo on the owie and it makes it all better.

So yeah, pretty damn cute. These kids are great when they're not germ swamps or trying to kill each other.

Today was supposed to be a vacation day for me; I had kinda planned some serious goofing off, but I'm staying home with Babynoise instead. Ah well.

Hey, whoa, what's going on in here ...

OK, so I obviously haven't been checking LJ that much lately. How is everybody?

Things are going OK on the home front. 2 kids is tough. I don't think 2x or more than 2x as tough; more like the first kid took up half my free time and the second is taking half more. I'm down to mostly the Book of Faces lately, sometimes I poke in reddit, but that's about it. And my politics blogs of course.

Babynoise is getting more expressive but still babbling a lot. I think The Wife and I only speak about half her foreign language. Millinoise is not quite crawling but moving around really well army-crawl-style. She's a very happy and easy-going baby. We just started on cereal for her so hopefully that helps with the urping (she has her sister's urp problem).

The Wife goes back to work in January so that will be interesting. Work for me is going pretty well, there are frustrations but I'm pretty much my own boss and get to do what I want. I don't have any energy for hobbies anymore unless I get a board game night once or twice a month. The biggest thing is church choir I guess, still doing that, also accompanied on clarinet last week after (mumble mumble) years of not touching it -- yikes. I'll be singing in a quartet xmas eve so that's nice.

Anywho, I'm still alive, sorry I haven't checked in much lately & I hope everyone's well. In case it's another 6 weeks happy xmas / new years / etc.

Well that election could have gone better...

Obama pre-negotiated with himself the whole way through his first two years, not able to get most of what he wanted (even after negotiations) through the Senate even though he had a majority (but you need a SUPER-majority -- unless you're a Republican president, then the rules are different). Now he's got less help in the senate and will get no help from the house.

I forget where I heard it, but leading into this financial crisis, it was like conservatives got us into this car barreling straight toward a ramp to try to jump a ravine, seatbelts off, yee-haw. Then we switched drivers. The new driver knows we can't stop and we can't turn, so the only thing left to do is gas it -- open it (spending) to the max, get us over that ravine, deal with the damage (inflation) later once we survive. But instead he compromised with the guys who just handed over the wheel, and said, "Well, let's just give it half as much gas as we think we need, maybe that ravine's not so wide".

And now we're in the ravine. And out of gas.