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10:39 am: Whoa oh oh oh ohhhh ohhh oh ohhh...
Mock Band was fun and all this weekend, but now I've got "Bad Romance" caught in my head all effing day. THANKS A LOT!!!

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Babynoise's fever spiked up to 104.5 Saturday night (fun fact -- temporal thermometers are unreliable over 103, so you have to use a rectal.) Thankfully our pediatrician had a Sunday walk-in clinic Sundays. Doc said he's seen a lot of it this week, it's "parainfluenza" and no the flu shot doesn't prevent it. Also she has walking pneumonia. Saturday and Sunday were MISERABLE. She was obviously achy and in pain, sore throat, just a mess. Millinoise of course took the opportunity to torture her all she could (poke! poke! poke the bear!). I got to stay up late nights to do the 1 am and 5 am doses of Tylenol / Motrin.

And then last night, suddenly, fever has broken and she's dancing around today. Yay!

Last night I was down on the floor keeping the kids separated -- if they play by themselves they get all upset, but when they're dogpiling me together it's great fun. Anyway, Millinoise decided she would try out her two new top teeth (that makes 4 total). She'd been giving baby kisses up till then, but then she got on my elbow and it was like a slow vice ....crruuuuuuunch. I said, "Ow ...OW ... OOWWW!!" and yanked what was left of my elbow back (nice baby-tooth-shaped dent in it btw).

Babynoise stops playing and says, "Daddy, you OK? You OK Daddy? You need Elmo Daddy? Make all better?"

*Elmo is our frozen ice pack for owies. Whenever Babynoise gets a bump we put Elmo on the owie and it makes it all better.

So yeah, pretty damn cute. These kids are great when they're not germ swamps or trying to kill each other.

Today was supposed to be a vacation day for me; I had kinda planned some serious goofing off, but I'm staying home with Babynoise instead. Ah well.

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Date:March 7th, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
kids never cease to be germ swamps but they are so cute.
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